Private Jet Charters

Travel with panache, safety and flexibility.

A meeting in another part of the world? Going on your dream vacation?

AIRLUXXIS offers exclusive, short-term and long-term charters for high net worth individuals and corporates. We have the experience and expertise to offer you a business jet in any part of the world. We don’t just provide charter flights, we offer an intimate, opulent and memorable flying experience. At AIRLUXXIS, we intend to change the narrative of air travel for the discerning clients. When you plan your next travel, be it for work or leisure, allow us to curate a personalised experience just for you.

At AIRLUXXIS, we are also committed to best practices in the aviation industry. We take pride in the fact that all our aircraft are sourced from operators who meet the most stringent safety and compliance requirements of the respective country’s civil aviation regulations. Additionally, because we are committed to the safety of our patrons, we implement extra safety and reliability checks on all operators through a panel of aviation experts as well.

Our Charter Programs

Charter On Demand

We offer a flexible ‘pay as you fly’ option to our clients with no hidden charges. We also provide global coverage and hassle free, competitive and fixed pricing options. Our on-demand customers can also choose from a wide variety of business jets to meet their travel requirements.

Time Share

Our Time Share program allows you to split the flying hours with another individual or corporate, without compromising on safety and efficiency of the charter program. This program allows you to meet your yearly travel requirements at half the budget, with guaranteed access to an aircraft, exclusivity and privacy.

Exclusive Charter Prpgrams

Our Exclusive Charter Program provides exclusivity and privacy as well as access to similar aircraft every time you fly. We also provide the option of one-way pricing and guaranteed access to aircraft every time you wish to fly. With global coverage to charter a flight anywhere in the world, our clients never have to deal with brokers.


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