Our 3rd Anniversary

Dear All,

I am absolutely thrilled and excited as AirLuxxis completes three years today! A journey that started with a dream and a passion, with me and my thoughts, translated into a small company, with a team of dedicated colleagues, loyal customers and supportive partners.

This milestone is very important for us. As we were steadily growing, came in the pandemic. It caused a huge amount of economic and social disruption, globally. However, it could not beat our spirits, change our focus and above all could not alter our belief in ourselves. And that of our clients, in us. Collectively, with our resolve and focus, we traversed this difficult time and we have been supporting our clients since.

At this moment, I would like to express my profound gratitude and thanks to all my colleagues who believed in me, shared my passion and vision and with their hard work and dedication, have been serving our clients.

I would also like to say – Thank You, to all our clients who believed in us and have been unwaveringly loyal towards us since the inception of AirLuxxis.

Last but not the least, a profound thanks to all our global partners who have been extremely supportive towards us.

This milestone gives me immense confidence to say that we will continue with our vision, add more services to our portfolio, offer bespoke solutions to our clients and continue our zest on delivering the best.




Mandeep Sandhu

Founder & CEO

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