Passionate Team. Exceptional Results.

AIRLUXXIS is a leading boutique charter, aircraft sales and consulting firm headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in Singapore, Dubai and London.

At AIRLUXXIS, we are uncompromising in our efforts to understanding the most specific and vital needs of our clients and pride ourselves in offering customised solutions. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled, unmatched and unforgettable service experience to our patrons anywhere in the world.

The AIRLUXXIS team brings to you a wealth of experience, professionalism and expertise in global aviation along with unbridled passion and a personalized approach to service.

We aim to ensure that our patrons reach their destination effortlessly, in utmost comfort and in the shortest possible time. Our business jets offer customized services, opulence in air travel and delectable cuisines.

AIRLUXXIS offers its clients effortless travel with panache, comfort and flexibility. Our team is always happy to assist you – right from planning your itinerary, to working with you to meet all your travel needs and requirements to ensuring an unrivalled and memorable experience to your destination!

Our team of experts works with you to understand your specific needs, provides tailor made solutions and adds a personal touch to your journey. Our concierge service aims to fulfill all your travel related needs, thus making your trip effortless and enjoyable. We are able to provide an extremely smooth, flexible and convenient booking process, along with a transparent pricing structure.

We work with clients across India, South Asia, Europe and the USA.


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