Fractional Ownership.

Fractional Ownership.

Owning, maintaining and managing a business jet can be expensive. That said, it is undeniable that a business jet gives huge advantages in terms of safety, privacy, time and of course status. 

One of the most attractive ownership model, through which one can mitigate some of these costs and make the ownership lucrative is – Fractional Ownership. Ideally, two friends or two corporates can jointly own an aircraft, under a separate business entity. With every cost-shared, and the business entity gets its economic incentives such as deprecation, the cost of owning and managing an airplane comes down drastically. The fractional ownership model is super-efficient, when structured well and operated as per agreed terms. The aircraft chosen meets the flying requirement of the owners, and can also allow two people to go in for a bigger aircraft as the CAPEX gets divided. Under this model, the aircraft is exclusively available for the owners and can also be chartered out when not being used by the owner-partners. 

A fractional ownership model comes in different forms, shapes and names. However, most of those models have some or the other restrictions – less flying hour, blackout dates, minimum notice et al. Nonetheless, if two people or companies wish to create a fractional ownership model for their own use, we can structure it for you. And this will be without any restrictions, as you stay the ultimate business owner and can fly at your own time and space. 

A crisis also presents plentiful opportunities. Perhaps time to explore this to mitigate your travel risks……

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