No Plane, No Gain.

No Plane, No Gain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered renewed interest in private jets. Safety, comfort and privacy are synonymous to private jet travel. Now during this pandemic, where an air traveler, while transiting through a busy airport, is exposed to nearly 200 touch points, a private jet traveler may be exposed to just about 20 odd touch points, while transiting through a FBO/Lounge. Apart from the airport, once inside an aircraft, it’s just you and your known ones. Thus, reducing your risk and making air travel safer.

We received huge interest over the past few weeks enquiring about private jets. We have been advising our clients to explore jets suiting their budget and flying requirements. Broadly speaking, if your travel is mostly domestic (flights up to 2 hours) then light jets with comfortable seating for 4 and onboard lavatory makes a good buy. If your travel is domestic and international, then a mid-sized to super mid-sized jet is a great buy. And if your travel is primarily international, then you can opt for super mid-size to heavy jets such as G 550/Global.

Light Jet
Super Mid-Sized Jet
Large Jet

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