Coffee With CEO

Coffee with CEO

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

We have all heard this in our childhood days. The proverb simply conveys – one should not work all the time, rather take good time out for self, family, friends and colleagues periodically and indulge in activities that recharge, reshape and motivate one’s self. So simple it sounds, yet so hard to follow. For those who are able to break this logjam, life becomes fun, interesting and renewing.

Every month (except the last few months) we have Coffee with CEO at AirLuxxis and team indulges in various non-aviation topics. This time the theme was, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So, while sipping nice Cuppa and munching great cookies, I asked our CEO- Mandeep Sandhu about his concept of all work and no play, and how he manages the balance. His tenacity to break this logjam, that many of us struggle with, impressed me.

He breaks this impasse over and again, each year and renews his energies to stay positive, balanced and happy. He loves outdoors and his favorite pursuits include – marathons, half marathons, mountaineering and cycling. 5-6 half marathons a season, mountaineering expedition every 2-3 years and rest is daily routine. Well, that’s something! Indoors, he loves to read, bake and coffee. On the professional side, he loves to mentor young professionals, budding entrepreneurs and college students edging to step into professional lives.

When I asked him, how he finds time to do all this? Intuitively he says, “time struggles to pace with me. I have still time on hand for more. When you love what you do, time is never a constraint’.

Guess a lot to learn and time to shape up. Much can happen when you love what you do. Well, that’s him, our leader for the readers.

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