Unregulated Charter Market.

Unregulated Charter Market.

What is an unregulated charter market? Simply explained, it’s the dark side of the charter market. At times, unscrupulous brokers who aim to earn a quick buck offer aircraft for charters that are unregulated, unsafe and unauthorized. More often than not, the operators and their pilots have a dubious record of not meeting the stringent regulatory/training norms. The first tell-tale sign of such a broker will be to offer a much lower price for the charter. Beware!

So how does one prevent getting into this rabbit hole of unregulated charters?

  • Always book a charter through your trusted broker. Or seek references.
  • Responsive and transparent communication that includes details about the trip, aircraft, pilots and pricing.
  • Professional ethics of the broker.
  • Expertise & length of time in the business.
  • Always ask for (at least) these three important documents:
    • Certificate of airworthiness (C of A)
    • Aircraft Insurance
    • Pilot’s last training records
    • Or if you have a trusted broker, he/she will do it for you.

Charter brokers in the industry act as an extended marketing arm for the operators and their contribution is very valuable, both to the operators and the clients. Their knowledge, experience, client communication and above all- round the clock availability to meet client’s travel needs, makes them a valuable resource.

Happy and Safe flying!

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  1. Prudent reading !!
    Only thing as per the Indian skies is that , this charter business is still unregulated at large…there has to be a regulatory body or a certification body…which endorses the brokers .

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