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A meeting in another part of the world? Going on your dream vacation? AirLuxxis offers exclusive, short-term and long-term charters for high net worth individuals and corporates. We have the experience and expertise to offer you a business jet in any part of the world.  We don’t just provide charter flights, we offer an intimate, opulent and memorable flying experience. At AirLuxxis, we intend to change the narrative of air travel for discerning clients. When you plan your next travel, be it for work or leisure, allow us to curate a personalised experience, just for you.

On-demand charter

Our on-demand charter service allows you to beat airport queues and travel in luxury with a ‘pay as you fly’ option. This service offers global coverage and a choice of business jets to meet your travel requirements.

Exclusive charter program

Our exclusive charter program provides exclusivity and privacy as well as access to similar aircraft every time you fly. We also provide the option of one-way pricing and guaranteed access to aircraft every time you wish to fly. With global coverage to charter a flight anywhere in the world, our clients never have to deal with multiple brokers.

frequent flyer programs

Choose any of our international frequent flyer programs and enjoy a host of value added services.

AirLuxxis Gold

50+ hours of travel

Aircraft positioned within 96 hours

Min 6 months of commitment

AirLuxxis Platinum

100+ hours of travel

Aircraft positioned within 72 hours

Avail flights 365 days in a year

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